Things I've Done

The Scrutineers

I produce and present a weekly program about voting on Radio Adelaide called The Scrutineers.

All episodes are available on the Radio Adelaide website, For a quick sampler I suggest you try this episode about online voting or this episode about the Eurovision Song Contest.

Peer into the ballot box for a close-up view of elections from around the world and at home. The Scrutineers goes inside the election process, looking at everything from how we elect federal governments to local councils, from corporate boards to acting awards. Join Casey and Dianne each week as they rifle through the returns and dive deep into our democratic systems.


I have been published in Crikey, New Matilda, The Australian online, The Advertiser, On Dit and more. A small selection of published work is below:


I have been involved as a producer at Radio Adelaide since 2009, across a large number of projects. Some of my most significant broadcast roles have included:

  • Left, Right and Centre, a news and politics discussion program which always tried to have fun, perhaps too earnestly, part of Student Radio (2009).
  • The Range, drive time music program, including several years presenting live music program The Friday Sessions (2009-2014).
  • The Scrutineers, a show about voting and electoral systems (2013 - present).
  • Various outside broadcasts, including The Peel Street Do What You Peel Festival as part of the Format Festival, Student Radio Crashes The UniBar, and the Clare Valley Film Festival.

I have been a finalist in the national CBAA Awards, for Contribution to Local Music (2011), and a runner-up for the SACBA Bilby Awards for Best Outside Broadcast (2013) and the winner of Radio Adelaide's Special Contribution Award (2010).

On Dit

I was an editor of On Dit, the student magazine at the University of Adelaide, in 2013. On Dit has a circulation of between 2,500-3,000 per edition, and is released fortnightly during academic weeks. 

Along with the other two editors, I was responsible for commissioning, editing, and laying out all content for the magazine and managing a team of over volunteer 100 contributors.



I have completed a Master of Philosophy in statistics and applied mathematics at the University of Adelaide.

The goal of my project was to establish a more sophisticated (and accurate) method for predicting how individual census collection districts (small units of geography each containing approximately 250 households) vote in an election than is currently used by the Electoral District Boundaries Commission in South Australia.

I have posted a summary of my thesis here, and will post the full thesis soon.