I am currently studying a Master of Philosophy in Applied Mathematics and Statistics, at the University of Adelaide. My research supervisors are Professor Nigel Bean and Dr Jonathan Tuke from the School of Mathematical Sciences, and Professor Clem Macintyre from the School of History and Politics.

The goal of my project is to establish a more sophisticated (and accurate) method for predicting how individual census collection districts (small units of geography each containing approximately 250 households) vote in an election than is currently used by the Electoral Boundaries Commission in South Australia.

This could provide more refined information and impact on the methodology used when electoral redistributions are being conducted, and provide valuable information to political parties that are interested in learning more about their support base (and potentially how to increase their support base).

This will involve using data collected from the Australian Bureau of Statistics to try and predict how people vote based on their household income, family status, and other demographic data. 

I have posted a summary of my thesis here.