WA Senate Election 2014 Group Voting Tickets

In a previous post I summarised the voting tickets for the SA Legislative Council election into one table. I've now repeated that for the WA Senate Election to be held on April 5.

How to read the table

Each of the columns in the table represents a party or group's voting ticket. There are 33 parties or groups of independent candidates in the election. Five groups lodged two voting tickets, and one group lodged three. So there are 40 columns in total.

For example, If you wanted to know the order that the Freedom and Prosperity Party preferenced the other groups, you would read down column H. Number 1 is the first preference group (Freedom and Prosperity Party in this example), number 2 is the second preference (Australian Voice Party), and so on.

Preferences are also coloured, with gradating from bright green for high preferences to bright red for low preferences (with white in the middle).

The group voting tickets can be seen below (scroll to the right to see the rest of the tickets).

View the full sheet (with some other stats calculated on it) on Google Sheets here.


The methodology for constructing this was the same as in SA, so see that post for full details. Again, I had to make a number of decisions about when a party is preferenced.

I regarded a party as having been preferenced when:

  • For the Liberal Party: When their third candidate is preferenced on the group voting ticket.
  • For the Australian Labor Party: When their second candidate is preferenced on the group voting ticket.
  • For all other parties: When their first candidate is preferenced on the group voting ticket.