Review: Jon Bennett, Fire In The Meth Lab

The Tuxedo Cat

The Tuxedo Cat

Jon and Tim are brothers with highly religious parents, and grew up in regional South Australia. Jon is the younger brother; Tim is the older. Jon is a comedian; Tim went to prison for working in a meth lab. Wait, what?

Bennett has a knack for telling a funny story – even if that story happens to be a fundamentally very sad one about his strained relationship with his brother. Throughout the hour he takes you on a slideshow journey through his childhood, growing up with an older brother as a bully. You’ll also learn about Tim’s addictions, from 80’s icons to (unsurprisingly, given the title) meth.

Bennett’s ability to craft a story and read his audience means there is a good blend between vaguely nightmarish stories, anecdotes about childhood sibling pranks, and ol’ reliable dick jokes.

The pace is so fast that there’s no time to dwell on some of the horrific details of Tim and Jon’s life (even when you think you really ought to).

As well as thought provoking, the show is educational. You’ll walk out the door with facts about Jason Donovan as well as the rules to a new fun family friendly game called ‘Belly Bucking’.

The show is in the Tuxedo Cat, this year popping up in what looks like a former office building. The mid-sized meeting room-cum-theatre was nearly full, with an enthusiastic crowd. Make sure to sit where you can see the whole projection screen to avoid missing out on the visual gags. Visibility of the screen can be poor from the back rows.

Fire In The Meth Lab is highly recommended, daring, and surprisingly funny given the subject matter. It probably doesn’t need to be said, but parents: leave the kids at home for this one.

Jon Bennett: Fire In The Meth Lab is playing until March 3 at the Tuxedo Cat. More details here.

Originally written for On Dit magazine online.

The Tuxedo Cat